What are webhosts?

Webhosts are world wide web service providers. On this page you will learn what a webhost is.

How to choose hosting:

Confused by all of the options for web hosting and what host to choose? Read this guide!

If you go to Google and search for webhosting, it will list hundreds upon hundreds of results.

But it is not always the best option to go with one of the webhosts that are listed on the first page of Google. Just because they are on the first page does not mean they are good!

Next thing you might want to do is google Web hosting reviews

It is not the best idea to follow these review sites since the most popular sites pay money to have good reviews. Not all hosting review sites are bad. Some have honest reviews.

Here are some recommended hosting review sites



Another good place to find a good host is on webhosting forums. People from everywhere go to these forums and and talk about their honest views of different webhosts. If you have a question about a webhost or want an opinion on one, people are there to give their opinion.

A couple of webhosting forums



Different kinds of hosts

Shared hosting

This is the most common type of hosting. With shared hosting, your site is placed on a shared server with other users' websites and the resources are divided. Hence the word shared in sharedhosting, since you are sharing the CPU, RAM, and bandwidth.

Dedicated Servers

Instead of sharing a server with other users you have a private server that you are essentially renting. Even though you are renting and do not own the space, you have full control over the server and its software.

VPS(Virtual Private Server) hosting

Even though you are sharing a server liked shared hosting you have complete control of your server but are still sharing the CPU, RAM, and bandwidth with other users.

Reseller hosting

In reseller hosting you are sharing your bandwidth and disk space with other users.

You manage your hosts sites with WHM

Basic Terminology

Disk space
Disk space is the amount of space your host allows you to store information on. Everything you upload from HTML files to graphics take up space on the server's hard drive.

More disk space = More things you can upload

Analogy: You have an empty cookie jar and you want to put cookies in it. Each time you put a cookie in the cookie jar you are taking up space. The more cookies you add the less empty space you have.


Bandwidth is the amount of traffic you get to and from your site. Every time a visitor goes on your site they're using a specific amount of data (bandwidth).

Higher bandwidth = More visitors

Analogy: Imagine a concert that is playing in your home town. There is a limited amount of spacing in the concert auditorium. As more and more people come into the concert hall, there are fewer seats available. What happens when all the seats are filled? There is no more bandwidth!

Different options

Setup fee

Many hosts have a setup fee that is required when setting up your website. There is no need to pay up a setup fee because there are plenty of available hosts that do not require a setup fee.

FTP access

My final advice

  1. Popular does not always mean better.

    What seems to be the most popular web host are not always the best.

  2. Do your research

    Do extensive research on web hosts to find the ones that you like. Visit hosting review forums and reliable hosting review sites to see other peoples opinions on the webhost that you like.

  3. Unlimited

    There is no such thing as unlimited disk space and bandwidth. There will be a restriction on the amount of bandwidth and disk space available to you even if it does not say there is!