What's next?

You have a domain name and you have a web host, but now what?

Introducing CPANEL

Cpanel (control panel) is a graphical content management system that allows you to easily manage your hosting and website account.

With Cpanel you can manage your website files but also add/use subdomains, ftp accounts, and back up your website.

What is cpanel

File manager

You use a file manager to edit your files that are built into Cpanel.

the file manager

Using the document root folder (public_html)

You will always upload and edit your files in the public_html folder.

What is the root folder? The root folder contains all of your domain files that you will be editing.

What is the directory index? When you enter a website, the directory index is the first file that loads.

In my file manager I have a index.html file.

However, when I enter the url webgatehelp it goes to the homepage, but its reading the index html file.

Uploading and creating files

This is how you move your computer files into your websites file manager.
  1. Uploading files

    To upload files saved on your computer to your website you should use the upload graphic icon.

    Instead of copying and pasting your html code from a text editor file on your computer you can upload the file.

    This is great if you already have done some html in a text editor on your computer.

    This is what the uploaded page looks like.

    uploading files

  2. Creating a file

    When creating a file, always make sure you have the .html extension at the end.

    creating a file