Creating an email account

Follow these steps to create your own domain name email.

  1. Click on email accounts in the email section.

  2. Enter the details that you will use for your email.

    Enter your email name, your new password, and the quota for your mailbox.

    You can always change your quota later.

    creating a email account

  3. Your new email account is created!


Forwarding your email

Forwarding an email means that you are taking email from one email address and sending it to another email address. Let's say that you have two email addresses, and You can set it up so all the email from goes to

  1. Select forwarders from Mail.

  2. Click Add Forwarder

  3. Enter the details below

    The first box you see is Address to Forward: Enter the originating email address. Next box you will see is Forward to email address:

    Enter the email address that you want the email forwarded to.

    You will see a third option as shown in the image above.

    Discard with error to sender (at STMP time):

    You will use this when the email address no longer exists and you want to send a failure message responding back to the person that sent an email.

    Next, you will see Advanced options

    Pipe to a program

    This is a whole different feature that I will not be going into. A short description on what pipe forwarding is though.

    Basically it's sending your domain name email to a software(script). Some softwares require you to set this up.

    If you want to learn how to Pipe to a program, I suggest googling what software you want to set it up for because all softwares require different method.

    Next you see Discard (Not recommended)

    Cpanel should remove this feature.

    If you use this feature, email will vanish into thin air.
    Once you have completed the above, click Add Forwarder. Congratulations!

    You have now mastered email forwarding!

Forwarding from a domain to another domain

Learn how to forward a domain email to another domain email.

  1. Click Forwarders

  2. Enter the domain you want the email forwarded too.

    Then click Add Forwarder