Domain names

On this page you will learn what a domain name is and how to register one.

What is a domain name?

Domain names are the unique URLs (addresses) that identify or pin-point a website. For example, if you type in the URL / domain name you will go to the website Google.

Until Paul Mockapetris invented the Domain Name System in 1983, there was a unique string of numbers called an IP(Internet Protocol) address.

Example: Google's IP addresses -

Analogy: Imagine a directory full of addresses to different stores/homes. You shuffle through each page until you find the address of the store you want to visit. The address you find is the physical address that you will visit. It is the unique identifier of the store/business.

Domain name tips

  1. Keep it short and sweet:

    Don't register a domain name that is super long. Otherwise people will not remember it. It is better to have a short domain then a long one.

    It is best to have a domain name that is fourteen characters or less.

  2. Spell out all words:

    Be sure to spell the word out correctely. Don't make up a new version of a word.

    Example: cherrygraphix

    Correct example: cherrygraphics

  3. Avoid using any numbers:

    When you use a number it's hard to remember..

    Good example: dovebirds

    Bad example: 9253dovebirds

    No one is going to remember the domain name with numbers!

Where to buy a domain name

Have you thought of a domain name that you want but you don't know where to get it? Read below.
If you are curious about what domain name register to use and don't like my recommendations, all you need to do is google search domain name registers.

Domain name registers

Namecheap This is the domain name register that I use and also the one I highly recommend. Namecheap has amazing customer support and is also known for its cheap domain names. They are always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone that has problems getting their domain set up.

Gandi Gandi is not the cheapest domain name register compared to other domain name register sites, but they are known for their superb customer support and the great packages that you can buy along with your domain name.