Learning HTML

Let's first start by asking what HTML it stands for? HTML or hyper text markup language is a language used to create webpages.

You already know that humans use language to communicate with each other. The same thing happens on a web browser. A browser communicates(reads) the html of the webpage that you request to see when you view a webpage. Then it displays your data within the HTML tags. The HTML tags are used to tell the browser how to display the information you want the user to see. For example, do want your font to be bold or italicized. Lastly, the Hyper in HTML refers to text or an image link that goes to another webpage.

More on html tags


This is an element.

<a href="webgatehelp.com">webgate</a>

An element is the opening tag, the attribute inside, the value, and the closing tag.


This is the opening tag.


This is the attribute. An attribute defines the property of the element.


This is the value

</a> This is the closing tag.